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August 2017

Aspects of Learning Rocketship Education Employs in Everyday Activities, Helping Them Succeed

Public education is an integral part of developed, world-leading countries, like Germany, Norway, Canada, and the United States. While children in most countries are required to attend school, some receive subpar educations. They often hail from low-income families, unable to afford top-tier private schooling. Fortunately for underprivileged neighborhoods in the United States, Rocketship Education, a system of free-for-students charter schools, has consistently brought high test scores to struggling societies throughout America since its foundation in 2007.

Let’s look at several aspects of the education process Rocketship Education’s employees and executives have learned throughout its lifetime.

Popularity and efficacy of teachers should be polled of parents

Parents pick up on many intimate aspects of the learning process nobody else does. Because students provide their parents with this valuable information, it makes sense for parents to have their collective feet in the hiring process. Polling parents for their opinions is vital to maintaining effective schooling.

Call for diversity in admins and teachers

While it’s ideal for schools’ enrollment statistics to be diversified, actuality doesn’t reflect as such. Prior to drawing in various socioeconomic classes, races, and ethnic groups, schools’ employees should be diversified first, then their students.

Don’t stow away children with unique needs in special education classes

Traditionally, schools place special needs students in classrooms away from their homerooms. This causes students to feel worse about their situations, decreasing educational efficacy. Rocketship Education’s meaningful-inclusion model of education places these students in their regular classrooms a majority of the school day, furthering their education.

Solicit advice from various sources

In order to be run effectively, schools must listen to opinions of all sources available, and then some. The opinions of parents who invest in charter schools, like Rocketship’s, should be valued in all situations, not just in ones they’re familiar or experienced with.

Rocketship Education is a 501(c)(e) nonprofit organization, funneling its proceeds back into its organization and the communities it operates in. RSED, for short, was created by Preston Smith and John Danner in Redwood City, California, located in the ever-innovative Bay Area. RSED has 16 schools around the nation.


Chris Burch Envisions A Fashionable Future Of Technology

Chris Burch has always been on the bleeding edge of technology. As chairman of Burch Creative Capital, he is always looking for the next big thing in which to invest. And it seems like the maverick has set his sights on the world of fashion.

In a recent article, Burch discussed the influence that fashion has on technology. His argument makes a lot of sense.  For more of his insight, check this article on

Going back to the late 70’s and early 80’s, carrying around a boombox made a certain fashion statement, according to Burch. Being able to carry around your favorite music set you apart from everyone else back then. It was that freedom, and style choice, that eventually led to the Walkman and ultimately to the iPod.

There is no doubt that the selection of Apple products is as much of a fashion statement as it is a technological one. When you have an iPhone in your hand, it says something about you.

Burch also discusses the (relative) success of Google Glass. While it is not very fashionable to wear glasses, under certain circumstances fashion designers can make it seem so. Case in point, fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg had her models wear the Google Glass at one of her fashion shows, making them more desirable to the average consumer.

There are times when fashion embraces technology to create something entirely brand new and game changing. Take Argentinian designer Soledad Martin for example.She is currently working on a prototype of a shoe that uses the kinetic energy produced by your body to charge a battery that can then be used to charge your smartphone, tablet or any other device through the use of a USB cable.

Chris Burch has always been at the forefront of fashion, branding, technology and consumer products.  Related article on   His luxury fashion brand, Tory Burch, is a successful lifestyle brand that offers ready-to-wear clothing, handbags, as well as home and beauty products.  More interesting news on

Check one of his awesome investment here.

Mr. Burch has invested in many growing startups including Hooch (a members-only cocktail app), and Bib + Tuck (an online marketplace that allows women to exchange clothing).  For an overview of his diverse investments, investor details and timeline activities, hop over to this.

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Omar Yunes: The Man Making the Franchise Business Look Easy

With more than 100 million potential customers, Mexico is one of most lucrative markets on the global stage. As a result many international companies have attempted entering the Mexican market with the goal of sharing in the profits to be made. With the number of effective market-entry strategies for international organizations being so limited, many have decided to use franchises as they offer the parent organization the advantage of using personnel that already understand the local market. Among the individuals that have significantly thrived under the growth of franchise business in Mexico is investor Omar Yunes.

Omar Yunes is arguably the most successful franchisee in Mexico. He is a franchisee for Japanese food brand, Sushi Itto. In total, he owns and operates 13 of the brand’s franchise units, representing a tenth of all the units held by the brand. Having opened his first franchise unit at 21, he possesses extensive industry knowledge that can only be challenged by few. His dedicated workforce and creative marketing campaigns have allowed Yunes to establish dominance over the food industries in Puebla, Veracruz and Mexico City. Additionally, his franchise businesses are known for their great flexibility that allow them to change between deeply established networks depending on the circumstances at any particular time.

Omar Yunes is a great asset to Sushi Itto. In addition to providing millions in revenue through the 13 outlets under its control, he has in recent years helped the food service network improve its information management strategies. Further, he is a direct employer of about 400 individuals. His employees are some of the most motivated in the industry as Yunes offers very competitive remuneration rates. To know more about him click here.

Omar Yunes’s business and leadership accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. He has on numerous occasions, including as recently as 2016, received the top award in the Best Franchisee of the World Competitions. The pool from which Yunes was selected to win the award comprised of franchisees from 34 countries. Beating out competition based in markets that are more established than Mexico is a testament to how significant the work undertaken by Omar Yunes is.

Nihiwatu Resort: The Latest Chris Burch Venture Stamping Itself onto the Hospitality Industry

Chris Burch is a name we have come to associate with some renowned retail brands. We can link him to big brands such as C. Wonder, Tony Burch, and several others. In the recent past, Chris Burch has delved into the hospitality industry. Five years ago, he partnered with James McBride, an hotelier, to invest in a beach hotel. This was based in Indonesia on Sumba Island. Renovations cost them around $30 million and the Nihiwatu Resort was born in 2015.

Nihiwatu spawned into success in a short time earning recognition from the likes of Travel + Leisure. It has since come to be recognized as arguably the best hotel in the world. Chris Burch has stated that he did not count on achieving this level of success. All he intended to do was to set up an investment for his children and also give back to the community. Nihiwatu’s unanticipated success can be attributed to the extraordinary facilities it offers.  Related article available on

The resort has twenty-seven villas plus Burch’s home. His home consists of the main house plus four other extra villas. Each of the villas has a plunge pool. Nihiwatu provides a wide range of services; surfing, beach spas, a wellness center and native antiques. The resort has since become the biggest employer on Sumba Island and is a contributor to a foundation targeting the local community. Burch and McBride are currently working on plans to push the businesses into Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  More to read about the resort on

About Chris Burch

American businessman Chris Burch is the CEO and Founder of Creative Capital. Being a serial entrepreneur, he has his tentacles on various business across different industries. His biggest brand so far is Tony Burch, a luxury apparel label. The other sectors that he has invested in include consumer products, technology, finance, and hospitality. His first business was Eagle Eye apparel back in college that was able to generate $165 million before being sold off.  Check

For additional article, hop over to this.

Eagle Eye was a huge success having accrued millions with a starting capital of $2000. Together with his partner, they sold the brand to Swire Group. Burch then invested his earnings in Internet Capital Group. Throughout his career, Burch has been able to develop into a perceptive entrepreneur who knows when and when not to strike. He has also worked with Guggenheim Capital as well as Continuum Group as a board member.  To read more, visit his website, head over to

For his latest innovative offering to the market hit

How Did Chris Burch Found And Grow The Nihiwatu Resort?

There are many people who come to Nihiwatu Resort every year in Indonesia for the five-star experience, and they have Chris Burch to thank for the work he has done on this hotel. He found partners in the hotel industry, and he created something beautiful that anyone would enjoy. This article explains how Chris has done his creative over the years, and it shows that he has the creative eye to help everyone who arrives.  Related article available on

#1: The Old Hostel

The old hostel that was turned in Nihiwatu was turned into a five-star resort with the creativity of Chris. He is the leader of Tory Burch, and his company has many creative brands around the world. He prefers to use his creativity to make the world a better place, and this five-star resort is perfect for all primarily because it is so lovely.   More to read on

#2: The New Resort

The new resort that has been built in its place in on the island of Sambu in Indonesia, and it has an amazing view of the water. This part of the world is almost untouched, and it will give everyone the escape experience that they are hoping for. There are many people who will fall in love with this place because it is so quiet, and they will encounter the best staff in the industry.

#3: Choosing Partners

Chris was wise to find partners in the hotel industry who helped he make this hotel better. They guided him in the process of running a resort, and Chris visits often because he wants to see how it works. He has ensured that the resort will be the finest place to vacation for people from around the world, and he has created an atmosphere that values service.

#4: The Burch Brand

Chris has a company that uses capital around the world to make choices that help everyone, and he will ensure that all the companies he works with are improving over time. He wants to grow businesses that make life better, and he wants to make the world a more pleasing place to live.  To read and learn more about him and his various investments, check

There are quite a few people who will enjoy the Nihiwatu Resort, and they will be impressed with the way the resort works. There are many places where Chris applies her knowledge, and there are many ways for people who will find that visiting this place is perfect for all those who need to get away.  For more interesting articles, head over to this.

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Serial Entrepreneur Chris Burch Builds World’s Best Hotel In A Secluded Indonesian Island

For two years in a row, Travel & Leisure has called shots for Nihi Sumba Island, Indonesia, for being the best hotel worldwide, triumphing over Obama’s vacation spot, Brando. Entrepreneur Mogul Chris Burch, famous for his other ventures including C. Wonder and Tory Burch, is the architect behind the luxury island. Merging efforts with James McBride, the two spent $30 million remodeling the former beach hostel and turned it into a five-star resort.

Burch, during an interview with Business Jet Traveler, confirmed that his reason for buying the beach hotel was to have a chance to preserve something, give back to the community, and also for his children. He wanted a new experience, something not familiar to other places. A chance to have a butler in every room or even have a spa built under a waterfall. As stated by Wall Street Journal, Burch is spoilt for choice as he can either spend time in Miami, the Hamptons, or in his resort in Nihi.

About Nihi

Nihi means a mortar stone, and the name comes from a particular rock formation from the tides. It is on the west coast of Sumba, a secluded island in Indonesia. It currently has 27 private villas, with a rate of $750 per night during low seasons. Every villa has plunge pools. Raja Mendaka, Burch’s home, is one of the villas, and for one to spend a night in Burch’s’ house whose plunge pool has a view towards the Indian Ocean, they pay $14,000.

Burch and McBride first bought the beach hostel in 2012 from a New Jersey Couple, remodeling to what is now Nihi in 2015. They had first named it Nihiwatu. Since its opening, it has offered many job opportunities to the local population. A fraction of profits gained by the hotel goes to the Sumba Foundation, an organization geared towards helping the local community through funding projects.

Nihi has a beach spa, wellness center, waterfall excursions and being a surfer’s paradise; one may also enjoy surfing at a fee of $125 during the high season. Those in need of surfing lessons get it at a price of $250.

Soon, Burch and McBride are planning to set up resorts in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

About Chris Burch

Mr. Burch is a serial entrepreneur. Having started in 1976, he has extensive experience in investment. Chris is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital and has geared towards the success of many brands such as Voss water and Popping. To read more about him, check  His entrepreneurial journey started when he was still an undergraduate. Together with his brother Bob, they invested $20,000 to start up Eagle Eye, later sold at $165 million to Swire Group.  Additional article on

Head over to this for more interesting news.

Burch has a keen sense of marketing and sales. He has an appetite for new market opportunities and strives towards making a positive and lasting impact on the consumer through coming up with compelling brands and businesses.  For his latest cool contribution to the market, hit

Read more about the famous resort on

Chris Burch, The Ardent and Successful Investor

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has invested in several industries such as fashion brands and hospitality. He and James Mc Bride, a hotelier, bought a beach hostel in the west coast of Sumba on an Indonesian Island in 2012. The duo renovated the hostel spending about $30M and transformed it into a luxury resort. The resort, (Nihiwatu) was reopened in 2015 and was voted the best hotel in the world in 2016 by Travel and Leisure. What makes it the best? Check

The resort which is nicknamed “the edge of wilderness” is a luxury traveler’s dream come true. It has 27 private villas which have plunge pools, and the rooms have local wood, sumbanese antiques, and Ikat prints. There is a large entertainment area, a wellness center with daily yoga sessions and a spa. The beach is ideal for surfing, and travelers get an opportunity of excursions to the waterfalls. One may also enjoy watching the sunset on a beach horse-riding trip. Nihiwatu has become the largest local employer on the island with some of its profits going to the Sumba Foundation. Burch and James are determined to explore the hospitality industry by expanding in Costa Rica and Nicaragua so that they can accommodate the millennial traveler.

Based on, the serial entrepreneur’s journey started while at Ithica College where he, together with his brother launched Eagles Eye apparel. After selling the Eagles Eye, he invested in Internet Capital Group. He is known as a fashion mogul having founded or co-founded several international and local luxury fashion brands. He launched C. Wonder in 2011 a brand which was an accessory, apparel, and home décor retailer. Burch partnered with Ellen in 2014 to launch ED, an Ellen Degeneres’ lifestyle brand. He is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, and he boasts of vast experience in consumer behavior.

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His marketing and sales skills have led him to invest in real estate. He launched Cocoon 9 in 2014, a brand that deals with the development of luxury homes that have energy efficient features, and space-saving floors. The homes are in Florida, Southampton and New York. Burch has contributed to the rise of many consumer products brands dealing with organic foods, home furnishings, and technology among others. He is actively involved in philanthropy, and some of the organizations he has helped include The Child Welfare League of China, NYU Langone, Mt Sinai Hospital and The China Association of Social Work. The successful investor has served on boards such as Pierre Hotel Co-op Board, Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, and the Continuum Group.  For an update of his recent timeline activities, hit

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