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Kabbalah: Ancient Wisdom

While Kabbalah has become a more recognized term in recent years, the ancient wisdom has existed since the first recorded civilization in Mesopotamia, more than four thousand years ago. Rooted in ancient Babylon, the teachings are shrouded in myth and mystery, exaggerations and falsehoods. To this day, very few are actually aware of the true nature and laws behind the original Kabbalah wisdom. Those practicing or studying Kabbalah describe it as a set of rules or laws, given and set into place by a Universal Creator, that governs the world around us. The goal is to study and learn the intricacies of these laws to come to an understanding of nature around us and into communion with it and the Universal Creator.

Those interested in learning more about Kabbalah and studying the ancient knowledge are in luck. The Kabbalah Centre is a non profit organization, dedicated to the improvement of its students’ lives through the teaching of Kabbalistic principles and the aid of spiritual tools. It is a great place to connect with teachers and other individuals with a desire to make a positive difference and understand their place in the world better.

With locations across the globe, students eager to learn the ancient principles and knowledge within Kabbalah can easily find access to a site. Classes are offered both on location as well as online for students that cannot attend at a physical site. In addition, various events are scheduled weekly and monthly, and often consist of shared meals, meditation, and lectures. Often, off site retreats are available as well and typically last for multiple days, visiting locations with spiritual significance. There is a wealth of information available to anyone wishing to study more independently at the centre as well, through publications, volunteer opportunities, and one on one mentoring. Those interested in learning more about Kabbalah are encouraged to find a local Kabbalah Centre and community to begin their journey, on the quest for ancient wisdom.

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