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Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is a Self-Made Man

Bernardo Chua is not your average businessman. His story is truly one of perseverance and hard work. Bernie, as his friends call him, grew up in the Phillipines but was born to Chinese parents. That, in and of itself, made his road to where he is at all the more unlikely.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, Bernie learned early on the having a great product that people want means nothing unless you can deliver it to them on time and at a competitive price. This, combined with a drive and passion for business, has turned Bernie into one of the most profitable businessmen in the Far East.

Accoding to ZoomInfo, Bernardo Chua has had several successful business ventures, including the one that put him on the map: Organo Gold. He currently runs his company, Organo Gold, which is a leading direct seller of the ganoderma lucidum, a food supplement with great health benefits.

He realized that ganoderma lucidum (Organo Gold) was becoming extremely popular in the Far East and decided to take his business to Hong Kong, then to Canada, and eventually launching into the Unites States market. His product is sold through multilevel marketing and has proven a massive success. The product is sold mostly in the form of coffee products which was obviously a hit in caffeine-addicted North America.

His business model has proven to be a success as many entrepreneurs get their start and primary success in the multilevel marketing field. The quality and price that it presents for the end consumer makes the Organo Gold brand an easy sell.

Bernie realized early on the making his product affordable to the consumer was the key to making his business grow and that having a product that lived up to its billing would only create faster growth in the marketplace. Bernardo Chua continues to build his brand and search for new areas of growth for his businesses.