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The Quincy Crimes

The Quincy Pizza Robbery at New Brunswick


Parysh Wood, also known as “Pistol” and “P Gun”, was charged with armed robbery while he was incarcerated for other cases that involved armed robbery. In all cases he was accused of robbing Pizza delivery drivers. The police used cell phone records that connected Parysh with the November 30th robbery that occurred in a parking lot at 9:30pm at Quincy Circle. This occurred in the Dayton section of South Brunswick. According to an eyewitness Parysh, along with two other suspect, allegedly approached a pizza delivery driver and demanded that he give him the money he had and he also demanded the pizza. The suspects then drove off the scene in an old dark minivan according to the eyewitness. The South Brunswick police and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office linked Parysh’s cell phone with the time and place of the crime. Parish Wood is being held on bail for 100,000 dollars.


The Quincy Shooting at New Brunswick


There was one person injured as a result of the shooting at the New Brunswick Apartments in New Jersey. The person shot was driven to the hospital in a private vehicle. The New Brunswick Apartments recently has been a crime hotspot. There were around three to four shots heard on October 5th at 9:30pm. According to the spokesman for the New Brunswick Police Department, Captain JT Miller, the police answered to a shooting at 33 Commercial Avenue. The identity of the victim and the suspect are being held while the police investigate the case, because charges could be filed. The New Brunswick Police Department is continuing to investigate the shooting at building one in the Garden Apartment Complex.