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George Soros Hopes To Lead The Democrat’s Back To Power

The loss of the 2016 Presidential election by Hillary Clinton to Republican Donald Trump has been seen as one of the most shocking upsets in political history and has prompted Democratic donor George Soros to start the fightback against Republican power. As one of the world’s most successful hedge fund managers, the need to stay abreast of global political events around the globe has become something George Soros is well known for as he battles to launch a fightback within the Democratic party beginning with the Democracy Alliance event held in the days after the November election victory of Donald Trump.

Soros was one of the major supporters of the campaign of Hillary Clinton to the tune of around $25 million given to the candidate’s campaign on Politico directly and to Super PAC’s pushing her towards the White House; Soros had not been as active in donations towards any Presidential campaign since the 2004 election when he backed an attempt by John Kerry to unseat sitting President George W. Bush with around $27 million in campaign funding on Biography. The return of Soros is thought to have been prompted by a close working relationship between himself and Clinton dating back more than 25 years as the well known liberal has searched for candidates that share his global view of politics.

In response to the victory of Donald Trump and Republican candidates as a whole in the 2016 national elections George Soros decided the time had come for him to take an even more active role in the future of the Democratic party than ever before. George Soros had founded the Democracy Alliance in 2005 in a bid to make sure wealthy donors could come together with Democrat politicians to discuss the future of the party and make sure they were on the same page for future elections and campaign programs; a meeting was planned in the days following the 2016 Presidential election and has been used by George Soros to rally the Democrat’s as they bid to return to power after a series of devastating losses.

At the Democracy Alliance three day event attendees split into groups to discuss the options open to them on a number of subjects, including the best way to respond to the election victory of Donald Trump; George Soros himself believes the fight for Democrat’s will begin on the very first day Trump enters the White House and should continue until power has been returned to the Democrat’s. George Soros appears to have already seen the need to place a greater focus on the state level elections being fought throughout 2016 and 2016, which he backed with more than $3.5 million in campaign donations and support through his “527” foundation. Not a man to shy away from his own role in any political issue, George Soros has been reported to have decided to investigate the role wealthy donors should play in future campaigns to make sure every aspect of U.S. politics is considered as the Democrat’s begin the turnaround in their own political fortunes.