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Wasseem Boraie Vice President of Boraie Development LLC

Former Los Angeles Laker Shaquille O’Neal who is now retired, has his prospects aimed on moving to Atlantic City, New Jersey, due to his vision on building a huge apartment complex in collaboration with developer Wasseem Boraie. The project is called The Beach At South Inlet which is near the closed Revel Casino next to a disregarded and forgotten vacant section of the northern side of the city.
It is estimated that the cost will be easily in the ballpark of $61 million dollars.
The Casino Redevelopment Authority initially agreed to the first installment loan of $30 million dollars to be given to Shaquille O’Neal and Wasseem Boraie in 2013, however when the Revel and Showboat Casinos shutdown with the Trump Taj Majal Casino trailing close behind,ultimately put the transaction on an indefinite standby.
The Casino Redevelopment Authority is predicted to extend the loan expiry date which is steadily approaching, due to the fact that they need more time to reevaluate the proposition and assess the situation.
Since 1999, Wassem Boraie has been Vice President of Boraie Development, LLP which is situated in New Brunswick, New Jersey,and his father Omar Boraie is the President of this corporation that was founded in 1986.
The corporation proposes a variety of services spotlighted on all aspects of the metropolitan real estate market Real Estate Development,Property Management and Marketing/Sales.
The team is pledged to constructing astounding properties while administering superior and unsurpassed assistance to their respected clients.
The strength of Boraie Development LLC has always been associating with the most powerful financial institutions, and implementing experienced architects with insight along with adept qualified contractors that comprehend the importance of adhering to strict deadlines that offer assurance of the successful completion of the project.
They have favorably built properties in Newark, Atlantic City and New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Wasseem Boraie age 43 ,is the oldest son who attended New York University, Leonard School of Business from 1991 to 1994,where he attained his Bachelor of Science degree in International Business/Finance and English.
According to Wasseem Boraie the three essential elements before undertaking a project consists of searching cities that are depreciated but with possibilities, opportunities that will make a difference in the span of time,and long term goals in chosen city with expectation for lucrative development.
Lastly each location must possess these components for escalation,they must be commercial, residential and retail together rolled into one.

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