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The Career of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright was proud to report that the RPS Solutions LLC had succeeded in their plans for providing affordable housing, in addition to another full time homeowner that had joined into the Baltimore community. Seawright founded his company on a simple vision that he wanted to help provide affordable housing, as well as strengthen the community in Baltimore. Seawright’s company has been working in order to facilitate an achievement of individuals who are owning a home. In his hope to increase home ownership through a possibility, with many economic benefits. RPS Solutions has helped with homebuyers seeking to be connected by mortgage leaders, this including managing assets, individuals, offering custom renovations in underdeveloped housing units that exist within the area, and is accompanying the construction in the new properties. New homeowners have joined in the community that have joined the community as it is on a mission of reaching out to the overall goal in raising the cities home-owner rates. In 2015, the RPS Solutions became a joint partnership venture. RPS Solutions has made it their goal to grow in the number of homeowners with Baltimore, as well as the surrounding counties in exceeding or matching the amount of the homeowners in the whole state.

Some of Kevin Seawright‘s endeavors have included over 13 years in the Executive-level of financing, as well as capital operational management and human resources. Currently Kevin is responsible for nearly 600 million dollars with the capital construction of the educational project. He was also responsible for over 400 million in the federal, state, capital, city and bond and private funds throughout his career. While he already is an MBA, CrunchBase reports Kevin has attended Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business in order to get his degree in Executive Leadership. He has been a member of associations such as the National Forum for Black Public Administrators or American Society for Public Administration.

Since the start of his career, Kevin Seawright has continued working as a project manager and accountant based out of Baltimore, Maryland. In addition, he has worked within the fields of education, local government, and real estate development in both Washington, DC as well as Baltimore, MD. Kevin has received numerous rewards for his financial responsiveness, outstanding service, thinking outside of the proverbial box, and professionalism. His personality is to approach all situations with both maturity and honesty when a new challenge presents itself. Also, throughout his career he has presented a blend of team inclusion, outcome efficiency, a blend of business acumen, and governmental and private sector financial operations.  Check him on on SoundCloud if you want to see the musical side of Seawright.