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Aspects of Learning Rocketship Education Employs in Everyday Activities, Helping Them Succeed

Public education is an integral part of developed, world-leading countries, like Germany, Norway, Canada, and the United States. While children in most countries are required to attend school, some receive subpar educations. They often hail from low-income families, unable to afford top-tier private schooling. Fortunately for underprivileged neighborhoods in the United States, Rocketship Education, a system of free-for-students charter schools, has consistently brought high test scores to struggling societies throughout America since its foundation in 2007.

Let’s look at several aspects of the education process Rocketship Education’s employees and executives have learned throughout its lifetime.

Popularity and efficacy of teachers should be polled of parents

Parents pick up on many intimate aspects of the learning process nobody else does. Because students provide their parents with this valuable information, it makes sense for parents to have their collective feet in the hiring process. Polling parents for their opinions is vital to maintaining effective schooling.

Call for diversity in admins and teachers

While it’s ideal for schools’ enrollment statistics to be diversified, actuality doesn’t reflect as such. Prior to drawing in various socioeconomic classes, races, and ethnic groups, schools’ employees should be diversified first, then their students.

Don’t stow away children with unique needs in special education classes

Traditionally, schools place special needs students in classrooms away from their homerooms. This causes students to feel worse about their situations, decreasing educational efficacy. Rocketship Education’s meaningful-inclusion model of education places these students in their regular classrooms a majority of the school day, furthering their education.

Solicit advice from various sources

In order to be run effectively, schools must listen to opinions of all sources available, and then some. The opinions of parents who invest in charter schools, like Rocketship’s, should be valued in all situations, not just in ones they’re familiar or experienced with.

Rocketship Education is a 501(c)(e) nonprofit organization, funneling its proceeds back into its organization and the communities it operates in. RSED, for short, was created by Preston Smith and John Danner in Redwood City, California, located in the ever-innovative Bay Area. RSED has 16 schools around the nation.