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Norman Pattiz publicized the results of broad-minded inclusive lessons of promoting tests with about five outstanding customer products. These products got sampled from the whole country across five various brands and amenity classes. This chief study was of prior, and after brand lift by podcast promoters was conducted in the year 2016, and the results put it clear that there was a commendable impression of podcast promoting a product recall. Some key findings of podcast advertisement got attained in the study done in 2016 and some include; findings that there was a positive response on post-campaign of a product than the prior campaign among other notable results showing the advantages of using podcast advertising.

The research went ahead and noted that podcast listeners were very receptive to product messages in that they have had a chance to hear about them before. It is always simple for one to purchase products they have had an opportunity to hear about before. It gives the buyer a chance analyze the product than in the case when one is getting to hear about the brand for the first time. It is this that propels the podcast listeners’ willingness to purchase the advertised brands. Leran more:

PodcastOne, a firm headed by Norman Pattiz, has its primary focus on ensuring that their podcast set up gives higher product awareness in advance before convectional brand advertising. PodcastOne is a core advertiser, it acknowledges and embraces podcast network. PodcastOne currently highlights more than three hundred periods of original programs on a weekly basis.

Norman Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One. This radio station has highly ranked among the leading studios in entertainment current affairs, sports and the like. Pattiz has had great accomplishment since he too chairs Alamos Nationwide laboratories. He believes in hard work and being busy. He has such sweet quotes about hard work like urging people to be first and early risers as well as going to bed late for the sake of improvement. On the same, he adds that one can stay engaged, full of activity and busy. He clings to his views on hard work since he too is the one who began and propelled Countryside Theatre Group which produces as well as distributing a high-class programming. He also noticed a gap in the audio field and then he started PodcastOne by the end of the year 2012. This firm has now become the best in the auditory industry. Pattiz ensures that any company he heads produces quality services and product for the benefit of all. Learn more: