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Everything About Magnises and its Exclusive Social Club

There has been an increased social media buzz about Magnises and its new black card. Magnises was established by Billy McFarland a few months ago. The card has changed the way millennials see credit card reward companies in the market. Billy McFarland came up with the Magnises idea when sitting down with his friends during dinner. The group was talking about how American Express has succeeded with marketing their cards to the higher-end market. However, they noticed that most of the perks provided by the card were mostly irrelevant to people in young age groups. The card had a proper marketing strategy, but it lacked the aspect of community and networking in it. Billy McFarland thus set out to change this.

Magnises will tell you that the entire concept of the card is less about the card and more about the community. Magnises has always tried to find people that want to experience their city exclusively. Magnises is focusing on people from different industries. Currently, the firm wants members from the fields of technology, media, finance and fashion. The credit card seeks to connect them and inform them of things relevant to their daily lives. According to Billy McFarland, the name Magnises was entirely made up. The company had a quick start and enlisted 600 hundred members within the first month of operation.

Magnises comes with several perks and offers. The first exciting thing is the access to clubhouses established by the company. The locations work as a place where members can freshen up, have meetings or even grab a drink with their friends. For an additional $100, members can get instant access to the Magnises Alley. It is a community-based working space available in three different sites in Manhattan. The whole Magnises community is about helping members maximize the time and unlock everything in their city. Source:

Since it was established in August 2013, Magnises has shown that it was created to offer help to members. The card On Crunchbase has since been called the ultimate guide for millennials.

People that have the Magnises card can access the company’s Concierge mobile application on The application guides different parts of the city. One will find information about the places to hang out and spend time with friends. Magnises offers discounts at specific restaurants. For instance, the firm has an agreement with Dream Hotel to give Magnises members discounts for spending the night. While regular members have to pay $245 a night, Magnises members pay $99. Magnises has other similar deals and offers.

Magnises has distinguished itself as a card that offers guidance, perks and is community oriented. Many millennials have loved the whole idea and joined the community. The total membership of the card amounts to 12,000 members. The firm has raised a total of $3 million since it was established. Magnises is currently available in New York and Washington DC. The card plans to open in other cities in the United States and other parts of the world. Magnises is working on opening its offices in Atlanta, London, Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles.