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Whitney Wolfe Professional Achievements And Her Wedding

Whitney Wolfe is a businesswoman based in America. She is the founder and the current CEO bumble company. Whitney has partnered with Andrey Andreev who is the founder of Badoo Company in forming and managing a dating site. Bumble Company is expanding its operations as it has engaged in new activities like Bumble BIZZ and also launched BumbleBFF which will help it increase its members.

Born in Salt Lake City, Whitney attended Southern Methodist University where she pursued a degree in International Studies. She ventured into business at a very young age where she majored in selling bamboo tote bags which later gained popularity after celebrities Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie were featured using them. She also partnered with stylist Patrick Aufdenkamp who is a well-known celebrity and together they started a Non-profit Organization.

Whitney got married to her husband Michael Herd in a colorful wedding. Their wedding plans and preparations began in Italy after they visited the place. Positano was the place set for the wedding plans. Whitney wanted their wedding to be epic and of great surprise to all her guests. Cynthia Cook Smith took part in styling the bride. The bride looked stunning on her big day. They held a candle-lit function which was excellent.

The reception was well decorated too with beautiful décor all over. The canopy was brought clear and fantastically from the lemon trees leaves creating a conducive environment for the guests. The wedding cake was delicious as its preparation used strawberry flavors and it was well decorated. All the dining tables were well organized and arranged.

Bumble is dating social site which enhances communication between parties which are interested. The app allows female to engage in conversations with their male counterparts in any heterosexual relationships, and also it permits chats between the same sexes. Parties in the talks must abide by some rules which dictate that the communication should occur within 24 hours. If either of the sides doesn’t respond within 24 hours, the chat will automatically disappear. Bumble headquarter is in Austin Texas, and it officially began in December 2014. Bumble is even expanding more because parties are actively involved in using the app, and more people are also requesting to continue using the app.

Bumble BFF is a new feature in dating site which mainly focuses on making new friends instead of finding lovers. Once the party joins BFF, the dating partners get a replacement by people of the same gender which Bumble will assume you just interested in friendship. Conversation is to occur within 24 hours failure to that it will be deleted. On the other hand, Bumble Bizz allows the parties to exchange professional skills and ideas. It is a site where one can upload their resume, professional photos and also transfer mentorship programs.

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Fabletics Gives People Access to More Shopping Options

Fabletics has become one of the top websites for women that are in search of the perfect garments for working out. This website has become praised by a lot of young women that are looking for trendy fashion when it comes to athletic clothing.


Women like to work out, and they like to look good while they’re doing it. Many ladies that have joined a gym are going to be in search of clothes that accentuate their shape while they are training. They want to have clothes that are stylish as the ones that they would wear to an outing or day at work. The thing that makes Fabletics popular is that this site offers women a chance to get leisurewear that can actually be worn to more than the gym. This may be the thing that helps Fabletics and the competition with other online retailers like Amazon.


For many years people have been impressed with what Amazon has been able to do when it comes to a lot of different things like entertainment and clothing. This is a company that has made it possible for people to buy everything from toiletries to shoes and computers all on one website. This has been working for Jeff Bezos so far, but it is actually something that can be a hindrance because Amazon sells so many things. For the customers that are in search of a lot of different things this may be fine, but people that specifically want athletic clothing may be annoyed with all that Amazon has to offer. This is where a website like Fabletics get an opportunity to shine. Kate Hudson specializes in one thing and one thing only. Her mind is geared towards athletic clothing, and that is where she gets her competitive advantage against a website like Amazon.


The competition definitely is great in the and athletic clothing arena because there are so many people that are interested in doing this. What Kate Hudson has realized is that it is sometimes easier to gain an ally in business than it is to compete with others in this area. That is why she has teamed up with Demi Lovato for a limited edition of the Fabletics clothing line. Instead of competing directly against Lovato Hudson made it her business to connect with this friend and this strengthens her chances of competing with other large retailers like Amazon.

Whitney Wolf’s Rising Star in the Online Dating Space

Whitney Wolf is a forward-thinking entrepreneur in tech; her remarkable career is an embodiment of hard-work and resilience. A 22-year old Whitney co-founded Tinder and took on the roles of VP in marketing. She is credited for transforming Tinder into a popular App with mammoth of following. However, Whitney quit her job at Tinder following accusations of discrimination and sexual abuse targeted at her.

Quitting her job at Tinder became one of the best things that ever happened to Whitney. In 2014, she founded Bumble— with assistance from Andrey Andreev. Bumble is a modern online dating platform that was designed with women needs in mind. The App allows women to choose who they interact with reducing unsolicited requests that might turn into abuses. The platform’s basic features are available for free to users, but premiums services also offered at $9.99 per month. The company is leading its peers in implementing the use of photo verification practices that reduce the possibility of fake profiles.

Bumble is fast-growing, a fact that got the attention of Match Group. The group offered to acquire Bumble for close to $450 million, but Whitney declined the offer. Perhaps, because the company is fast-gaining ground in the online dating space, and it could soon be worth billions. Since its launch in 2014, Bumble has registered over 20 million users with 50,000 new users recorded each day. The company is expected to rake in over $150 million in the coming year. The company has also diversified its services by introducing Bumble BFF vertical that matches users to new friends. Plans are underway to introduce Bumble Bizz vertical that will comprise professional services such as matching users to jobs.

Whitney is passionate about empowering women. Her App is women centered, and it seeks to weed out discrimination against women supposedly present in prominent companies such as Google and Uber. Whitney’s parents divorced when she was still a teenager; her mother has continuously supported her throughout her career. However, the same cannot be said for Whitney’s dad who believes that she should be married and taking care of her family instead of fully focusing on her business.

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