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Chris Burch, the Founder of Burch Creative Capital and its Achievements

Chris Burch has been known for his great passion for development and happens to have been the active founder and also the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He has invested a lot in the sector and has been known for his passion in the field of technology, fashion and also real estate.

Chris was born on 28th March 1953. In 2012, he became a great billionaire when he was listed by Forbes as one of the Billionaires around the World. He has been known for his desire to help in the growth of the economy through his massive contributions in the sector. He has been known and respected for hard work and also self-drive that gives him the confidence to move on in life. His huge investments that made him featured as a billionaire are Guggenheim Partners and is on the lookout for better things.

Chris Burch has had a very humble beginning and had very caring family from a 10 sibling’s family. He was raised in Pennsylvania and his father was a wealthy person who managed to take care of the whole family. While young, he had a passion to grow himself business wise and always desired to become a great business person in future. Chris joined Ithaca College in the 1970s and was able to prosper big time in his career. While in school, he established a company called Eagle’s Eye with an investment of $2,000 dollars. He was on the move fighting for great advancements in the industry. Additional reading on

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Chris Burch later migrated to other ventures where he started other businesses and has been on the move working towards great success. His mission in life was to invest in the real estate industry and he was able to achieve a big time in his career. He passionately achieved in the career that would make him achieve. Have a glimpse to one of his successful investment on

Chris Burch later left and started venturing into the real estate sectors full time. For around the four decades in the industry, he has been able to launch Voss Water, Poppin, Tory Burch, Jawbone, Faena Hotel+ Universe and many other things. His career has been a success.  For contact details, head over to

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Chris Burch Invests in Bali Resort

Bali is one of the most appealing tourist destination in the world due to its weather and appealing beaches. Due to its natural beauty, Bali has been one of the most favorite places for investors to purchase land and develop resorts. Entrepreneur Chris Burch acquired land and built a resort known as Nihiwatu. Recently, the resort became the number one hotel in the entire world. Since the year 2012, Burch invested over $30 million into the resort and the surrounding area. With his financing, the resort was able to gradually become one of the very best tourist hotpots. He has helped develop the entire area with a number of new villas, amenities, local workers and also maintaining the unique environment that it is located in.

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has been behind a number of successful business ventures during his career. He got started in the fashion industry where he designed and made a line of sweaters. This venture turned out to be highly profitable and establish him as a successful businessperson. After founding his own fashion company, Burch would then start up another company that he currently runs today. He is the founder and CEO of his company known as Burch Creative Capital which manages both venture investments and brand development. By the year 2012, Burch was able to become one of the worlds richest people when he made the list of billionaires according to Forbes magazine.  Additional reading on

As well as founding successful companies, Burch has also invested in a lot of real estate as well. He developed the Faena Hotel + Universe in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This turned out to be a very profitable and valuable investment for him. Burch would also purchase the Faena House in South Beach which was part of a key development as well. A must-read article here.

Along with these investment properties, Chris would take on his biggest real estate project yet. Burch purchased land in Bali and developed the Niwihatu resort. This resulted in him putting together a resort that would become one of the most successful in the world.   Read this link on for related article.  By developing this resort, Chris has been able to add a very valuable property to enhance his wealth.  For contact details, head over to

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The Amazing Entrepreneur; Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch was born in the year 1953.Burch is the founder and the chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. It is a company situated in New York City. Burch Creative Capital deals with brand advancement and venture investments .It is also the co-founder of Tory Burch LLC.Christopher Burch became a billionaire in 2012.He became a billionaire with the Forbes magazine’s profile of him in its annual article called The Worlds Billionaires. The article stated that the 2012 worth of Christopher’s large stake in Wonder drove his net valuation to more than a ten figure level. Burch was also a stakeholder with the Guggenheim partners. Chris has been a loyal user of the America Express co. Card from the year 1979.In 2017 Burch has switched to J.P Morgan Chase & Co Sapphire Reserve card.

Burch was born and raised in Wayne located in Pennsylvania. He is a business man and an investor in the fashion field. He started being an investor in the fashion industry while he was an undergraduate in the year 1976.Chris and his brother Robert founded the Eagles Eye Company with 2000 dollars where they bought a sweater 10 dollars each and then sold them at 15 dollars each.  Refer to for additional article.

Later Burch decided to look for a factory which could make new brand sweaters so that he could sell them door to door in the University. His business soon expanded to other universities and to retail shops. In ten years the firm had expanded to 140 million dollars.  For his new and follow on investment, check on

In the year 2004 Christopher joined architect Phillip Stark and Alan Faena to start the Faena Hotel Universe which is situated in Buenos Aires. Later in 2014 he invested in the real estate field after buying a condo in Faena House.  Additional article here.

Chris Burch purchased most of his 28.3% value to Tory Burch LLC for 650 million dollars in the year 2012.Later he joined the Billionaires list in the year 2013.Burch now aims to expand C.Wonder globally with 300 shops internationally in the next three years.  Chris interest is to invest in funky office Distributor Company called Poppin. Other interests include investing in a company called Aliph which manufactures phone gadgets, a property forum that include homes situated in Hamptons and Indonesian island recourse found in Sumba.   Read more about his Indonesian resort on

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Chris Burch’s Experiences are Extraordinary

Most people who start out the way Chris Burch did don’t think they will be billionaires at the age he is. Most people don’t think they will be billionaires in any way because they often don’t realize what it would take for them to make all the right choices in their own lives. Chris Burch knew he would be a billionaire, though. He knew he would have to work hard and he would need to make the right choices if he was going to provide people with all the options they needed. It is what has given him the chance to show people what they can get out of the situations they are a part of.

For Chris Burch to do this, he has to make things easier on himself. He also has to show people what they can get as long as they are working on their own. Chris Burch knows exactly what he can do to help people so he tries his best to help others get what they can from the situations they are in. As long as Chris Burch is doing what he can to help people, he feels he is an important part of the industry he works in.   Learn more info about him here.

Since Chris Burch does not have just one business, he knows a lot about different industries. He purposely started businesses in different industries so he would have a chance to experience more. He wanted to show people what they could get from the things he was doing so he worked hard to make it happen. For an additional article, check

He also wanted people to realize they would have a chance to experience more as long as they were working for themselves. It was a huge part of what Chris Burch was doing to help people out on their own. Related reading on

For those who were in different businesses, Chris Burch knew he could do different things to help them. He also knew what it would take to make a difference in an industry that was hard to handle. When breaking into the fashion industry, Chris Burch always tried to do things that were innovative.  Have a quick look at one of his famous business ventures on this link from

He didn’t want other people to jump in and get the business he planned for himself. By making sure he was different from other companies, Chris Burch gave himself the chance to be in a different class. He learned the right way to get the best customers possible. For his timeline activity updates, hit

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