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How Former Sweater Salesman Chris Burch Came To Buy Nihiwatu Resort

After investing $30 million into a property that had formerly been a hostel in Indonesia’s remote Sumba Island, Chris Burch announced the opening of what would become the world’s best vacation place at Nihiwatu Resort. Burch has come a long way from the days of starting up a casual sweater sales business to being a renowned real estate investor and now the partner owner with James McBride of this fantastic island. Nihiwatu Resort has beachfront villas and unique artistic buildings combined with the treatments guests get at its spas located all over the resort. And fine dining in candle-lit venues or under the stars, and everything else you might have believed only existed in fiction. Burch says he made this investment to build something that would last for his family.  More to read on

Chris Burch’s emergence into the sweater-selling business began when he was still an undergraduate at Ithaca College. He had taken up selling those sweaters as just a way to generate extra cash, but soon the customer demand for them became so high that he went full-time into it and before long was running his own company that became Eagle Eye Apparel. For many years Burch was making high sales profits at Eagle Eye Apparel until he sold all the shares for $60 million in 1998.  Check for more of this.

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As a fashion and lifestyle investor, he Chris Burch has been involved in several ventures including the launch of the Tory Burch brand and later Ellen DeGeneres’s ED brand. He founded Burch Creative Capital as a place to cultivate unusual business ideas and invest in companies that could take on longtime established ones with a unique technology-driven approach. Certain companies that have either previously been with Burch’s portfolio or are currently in it include Poppin, Powermat, C Wonder and Actua.  For contact details, head over to

Chris Burch started getting serious about real estate investing and the hospitality industry in 2004 when he helped finance construction of the Faena Hotel + Universe, a group he held a partnership with for nearly 10 years including buying one of their Miami condos. He also bought several properties across New York and Massachusetts which he would flip and generate millions in resale value. Related article on  Chris Burch was also once a film producer for a 1993 hit named “Watch It,” and he also a former board member of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He also has donated $1.3 million in charity to the Tilton private school.

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Chris Burch Provides Funding to Bring Creative Ideas to Fruition

Chris Burch has an extensive portfolio, and his investments create a string of successes. He is presently the CEO, and founder, of Burch Creative Capital. For nearly 40 years, he has actively invested in numerous industries, and is also a successful engineer. He has left his creative mark on a number on brands which include Voss Water, and Poppin to name several. More to read on

Burch bought and renovated a luxury hotel called Nihiwatu in 2012. The establishment is a luxury hotel residing on an Indonesian. Travel + Leisure magazine rated his hotel #1 worldwide in 2016. That is impressive by any standard. His attention turned toward the hospitality when he partnered with an architect and hotelier. The group partnered to utilize an underdeveloped land parcel and built the Faena Hotel and Universe.  Check on to further read about the awesome hotel.

His partnerships do not stop there. He also partnered with Ellen DeGeneres in 2014 to launch her lifestyle brand called ED. In the same year, he also introduced Cocoon9 to the world. This business creates prefab, luxury, homes with innovated floors plans that save space and energy. He is also working on additional life-style brands that include BaubleBar, Brad’s Raw Foods, Soludos, and more. He understands lifestyle brands, and can leverage his knowledge across a number of industries.   Additional article to read on

Past leadership roles include board membership at the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, the Pierre Hotel Co-op Board as president, and philanthropic contributions to Mt. Sinai Hospital, the Henry Street Settlement, and others. Burch can trace his creative talents back to his youth when he gained success in apparel. Later in life, he chose to put his knowledge to good use by helping others bring creative ideas to life. This eventually led him to where he is today with Burch Capital. The company’s mission is to balance funding with ideas. The results speak for themselves.  For an entrepreneur’s view on business related matters, click this useful link.

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Chris Burch Project Named As Best Hotel In The World For 2nd Straight Year

Recently, Nihi Sumba Island was named by Travel Leisure as the best hotel in the World for the second consecutive year. The luxury island resort in Indonesia was created by entrepreneur Chris Burch.

Burch purchased a beach hostel and then began a massive renovation, culminating with the opening of the Nihi Sumba Island resort. Burch feels that the resort is his way of giving back to the community.

The Nihi Sumba Island resort has over 20 private villas. The resort is on Sumba, an Indonesian island. Part of the profits from the hotel are donated to the Sumba Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps develop projects that will benefit residents of the community.

Burch has his own home on the island resort. The Raja Mendaka has a main house and multiple villas. Nihi has an entertainment area for guests to enjoy. Guests can also enjoy amazing scenery, as the resort provides great views of Nihi Beach and The Indian Ocean. Guests will get to enjoy Indonesian culture, as there are plenty of local antiques around the resort. The wellness center at the resort offers daily group yoga sessions. Guests can sign up for private classes that will fit their individual needs. Surfing lessons are also available.  Check to read more about this awesome resort.

Guests are welcome to go on excursions through the resort. Transportation is also available for guests who would like to head to the surrounding bays. Tour guides will take guests on horseback riding trips through the beach and into the rice fields and the rain forest. In the future, Burch plans to expand into Nicaragua and Costa Rica.   A note-worthy article here.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is The Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. Burch uses creativity to establish new market opportunities. Burch wants his businesses to have a long lasting impact on his client’s lives. Through his multiple decades of experience, Burch has influenced the rise of over 40 companies. Burch is known for his unique understanding of consumer behavior. Check for a related article.

Burch has helped develop several real estate projects, including; The Faena Hotel in Argentina, as well as properties in Florida and New York. Burch collaborated with Ellen DeGeneres to create her brand; ED. Other brands that Burch is associated with include Voss Water, Cocoon 9, Blink Health, and Little Duck Organics. Burch has also donated to The Henry Street Settlement and The China Association of Social Work.  Additional reading on

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The World’s Best Vacation Hotel Is One Of Many Holdings On Chris Burch’s Portfolio

Chris Burch has made a lot of money from finding entrepreneurs with business ideas that may have never seen the light of day otherwise, and taking them the distance by investing in them. In facr, creativity is part of his company, Burch Creative Capital’s incubation method. It’s also what can be said about his biggest investment, Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia which was rated by Business Insider as the “World’s Best Hotel.” Burch and a partner spent $30 million to redesign and remodel the property after purchasing it in 2012, and when you set foot on it, you can see a place many only dream of seeing. Have a glimpse to this dreamy place, click on this.

Not only are there a wide array of the most beautiful beach villas at this resort, you can get treated at a spa that might even be located behind a waterfall. The buildings also are like tree houses in some areas but are quite a work of art, almost a little like the city of elves in The Lord of the Rings movies. And Chris Burch has his own private home on this property that is built with glamorous features and has a unique swimming pool overlooking the Indian Ocean. Check for more reading.   But what is the story behind the man who bought all this?

According to, Chris Burch founded his first business back in the 1970s while he was attending Ithaca College. He would buy custom-designed sweaters from a local factory and then travel door to door selling them for a small profit. It turned out to be a much bigger success than he anticipated, and soon he had made enough to run a big fashion retail business that he named Eagle Eye Apparel. He sold the company for quite the price in 1998 but then focused on other business interests. Other fashion and lifestyle companies he brought off the ground were Tory Burch and ED, the brand owned by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.  For his views on business related matters, click

Chris Burch decided to put his first major hospitality investment in the Faena Hotel+ Universe in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it turned out quite profitable that he explored real estate even more. Around 2005 he started buying homes on Long Island and up in New England that he would go through and flip for even better profits. Burch owns several homes in New York and Miami in addition to his resort home in Indonesia. He also was a longtime member of American Express until he recently announced he’d moved to JP Morgan.  To know his new and follow on investments, hit on

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Christopher Burch; Entrepreneur and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital

Christopher J. Burch is a prominent entrepreneur, the chief executive officer and founder of the Burch creative capital. He has been in the investment and entrepreneur industry for about 40 years now and has participated in the growth of over 50 companies. Burch has successfully built a long track record in connecting business innovations to impact. The serial entrepreneur has a diverse business background and has invested in various industries including fashion, real estate, and other business ventures. Mr. Burch is also a former board member of Guggenheim Capital and the Continuum group. He also served as a board member at the Rothman Orthopedic Foundation.

His company has been involved in the development of various lifestyle and consumer products. The firm is also involved in the hospitality, organic foods and technology industries. Some of the companies that Burch has worked with include; Brads Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, Chubbies, and Soludos. Burch is a diverse entrepreneur and has invested in the real estate sector where he developed luxury homes in Palm Beach, Southampton, and Nantucket.  Check his awesome getaway in Southampton, New York, etc., click on

According to, Mr. Burch career journey started in 1976 at Ithaca College where he had enrolled for his undergraduate studies. Chris and his brother Bob started Eagles Eye; a clothing line which was started with a capital of $ 2,000 but managed to grow it to $165 million before selling it to Swire group. In 1993, Burch worked as a producer of a romantic film which received a positive review from the New York Times. He was one of the leading investors in the internet IPO from the Internet Capital Group. Chris has also invested in some telecommunications companies like Aliph and Powermat. He also invested in Voss Water, a bottled water company. In 2013, Chris took over Nihiwatu Resort where he partnered with James McBride. In 2014, he invested in Bauble bar, where he managed an investment of around $10 million. In 2004, he helped his wife launch a fashion company called Tory Burch.  Know the latest news and follow-on investment, click this.

In 2011, Burch launched C. Wonder. The company dealt with fashion, accessories and home decors. In 2014, Burch started a lifestyle brand where he partnered with Ellen DeGeneres, an entertainer. Chris also worked as the president of the Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. Burch has been involved in philanthropic activities like the contributions towards research at Mt. Sinai hospital in New York, NYU Langone, and other charitable programs including; the Child welfare league of China, the China Association, the Sumba Foundation, the Henry street settlement.  Read more news updates in this link on

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Christopher Burch physiology and success in the business

Christopher Burch has been a committed and dedicated person to the American Express Company since 1979. He has decided to change his plans for the investment as he gathered and nearly sent his spending to J.P Morgan and Company Sapphire card. Mr. Burch is the owner, inventor and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. His company is concerned with several developments of lifestyle and consumers brands from retail to home furnishing and renovations.

Burch Creative Capital also deals with organic foods and technology industries in the sector. At a young age during his time in college, he and his brother came up with a business idea and started a company called Eagles Eye Apparel with just $2,000 in capital. Over a period of some years, the company grew at a fast rate and was at $165 million, they retailed it to Swire Group.  Related article on

Christopher is a creative investor in a variety of businesses and industries. He is also the co- founder of luxury fashions brand which are mostly used by the Hollywood celebrities. According to his entrepreneurship skills, Christopher believes the sales and marketing groups’ strategies should be enhanced, financial services to its clients as well as hospitality.

The Burch Company investment is a reflection of what Burch thinks about the business as he has outlined his ideas and his forecast on new market opportunities. Christopher has given his company a lot of thoughts, support, and scale to run properly with no hitches over the past several years.  Learn more about his follow on investments, click on this.

Over long years of experience in the market, Christopher has been able to handle and contribute to the growth of certain technology and luxury brands including Jawbone and Poppin. Besides the entrepreneurial sector of the brands and products, he has also ventured into real estates within the country and internationally.

In 2011, Christopher tossed an accessory and home décor retailer which grew tremendously before being sold out. After three years, he decided to partner with the late Ellen so as to showcase their new brand which also flourished fast. During that year, he produced another product, Cocoon9. Burch has offered a lot of advise to his investors and clients which include the importance of building a new brand among others.  Know his latest cool offering to the market, check

Burch has been involved in several research programs, he funded research initiatives at Mt. Sinai in New York. Some of his homes which are considered to be luxurious include Palm Beach among many others.  Related reading on



How Chris Burch’s Expertise in Consumer Behavior Enabled him to Succeed in Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, Chris Burch attributes his success from the experience he got when venturing into diverse businesses. He draws most of his inspiration from his father, who worked in the construction industry. Burch developed an interest in entrepreneurship when he was working with his father.

Chris Burch managed to get over the challenges associated with entrepreneurship through his ambition to succeed. He also had a vision of how he wanted his entrepreneurial career to be. Through his ambition and determination, Burch ventured into the hotel and resort industry, fashion industry and real estate industry. Burch used his over 40 years experience to diversify his entrepreneurial endeavors in these industries.  Check on for a showcase of his diverse entrepreneurial endeavors and outputs.

Business Philosophy

According to Chris Burch, entrepreneurship is all about creating products and solutions with a keen eye on current market trends and demands. He also believes that entrepreneurial success can be attained when one is always on the move. In this context, being on the move means being on par with consumer demands and trends that emerge in the market.

Burch also believes that entrepreneurs should understand customers’ behavior for them to know how to cope up with the ever-changing demands. Using his knowledge of what customers expect from a product or service, Burch’s entrepreneurial journey was focused on developing tailored solutions.

Burch’s Advice to Entrepreneurs

Chris Burch is certain that entrepreneurship takes time for benefits to be ripped. It also takes trials and challenges that require patience and skill to overcome. Though entrepreneurship is characterized by discouraging moments and setbacks, entrepreneurs can only succeed if they stay focused on their visions.

About Chris Burch

Christopher Burch, also known as Chris Burch, is an American investor, entrepreneur, and businessperson. He is also the entrepreneur behind the success of Burch Creative Capital, a company he serves as a chief executive officer. Burch Creative Capital has an eye for new market opportunities, incubation and disruptive brands and businesses. The company’s entrepreneurial values focus on impacting lasting and positive experience on clients’ lives. Burch Creative Capital is on the verge of developing consumer and lifestyle brands in hospitality, retail and fashion industries. Additional reading on

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Chris Burch is celebrated for facilitating leadership and service delivery growth in over 50 companies that hired him in the past. He managed to impact such growth through his expertise in local and international sourcing and consumer behavior. He also used this experience to enable Burch Creative Capital sign partnerships with several brands. These include Ellen DeGeneres’ ED, TRADEMARK, Poppin, Cocoon9, and Nihiwatu.  To read more about his award-winning resort, hop over to

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