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Sahm Adrangi’s Literary and Work History in the Short Selling Industry

Sahm Adrangi, founder and CIO at Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, managed to raise 100 million dollars in 2016 to bet against a single stock. The fund, a first of its kind, was created to short the stock of a company that had not yet been unveiled. To make the campaign a success within alternatives community, the firm embarked on a video, report and website with the target company in mind. Sahm Adrangi’s Kerrisdale has so far embarked on what many would term as risky ventures but has up to date raised and managed more than 500 million dollars through such ventures. In the past, the company has bet against companies such as satellite company Globalstar and drug companies Zafgen and Sage Therapeutics.

Writing Background

Sahm Adrangi is a trailblazer in the short selling industry, in addition to being a respected writer in the finance industry. Additionally, Adrangi shares his financial articles on social media platforms. He made a name for himself at a fairly young age by exposing and raiding dodgy dealers including several fraudulent companies from China. Some of the dodgy dealers he brought to light include China Marine Food Group, Lihua International, and China Biotics. For others like the China Education Alliance and ChinaCast Education Corp were lucky since only enforcement action was taken against them by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Consequently, Adrangi has helped many save on investments that would otherwise have been lost to fraudsters.

Work History

Sahm Adrangi’s work in the financial sector speaks for itself. His rewarding career began at financial firms such as Longacre Fund Management LLC, Deutsche Bank and Chanin Capital Partners. In his capacity as an analyst, he served in these firms in departments dealing with distressed debt funds, bankruptcy restructuring, and in the finance department. His experience explains his reputable skills in dealing with hedge funds, investment banking and management, equities, financial analysis, asset management, and financial modeling among others. Since founding Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, these skills and experience have come in handy in making the company a force to reckon with in the financial investment industry. His background in economics from Yale University has also played into increasing his knowledge base in the sector.

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Building an Empire with Business Smarts

Not many people are familiar with Chris Burch, but his story is definitely worth telling. He now spends his time between Miami and Hamptons, and although it means living the high life, he has a set of values to follow. He learned the value of education and hard work. A graduate of business from Ithaca College started his career and built it from the ground up.

This executive is not just a good businessman but also a dedicated entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. His values and ideas about how markets work and what opportunities to take helped the success of his company. He knows that it is important to take risks and never stop evolving. A business that becomes stagnant doesn’t grow anymore, making it harder to generate revenue.

Chris Burch can mark almost forty years in his investment career, and he saw the birth and life of more than 50 firms during this time. He believes that it is a learning opportunity since you learn from mistakes and successes. His understanding and intuition allow Burch to be a real CEO people rely upon. His track record is also proof of how important this kind of leadership style is nowadays.  Read this must-read interview of him on

Burch Creative Capital is a brand people in the investment world know well, and they work with some huge names adding them to the portfolio and rising the quality of their work. Burch knows a good opportunity when he sees it, so he trusts the business instinct.  Learn more about his various investments, check

At the moment they work with different lifestyle products ad brands from various companies who deal with home furnishings, hospitality and organic food which is a growing industry.

People look up to him because of his success and his charisma. He is a pleasant person to be around with so people feel more inspired to try and achieve their goals in life.

Burch recently spent some time with his thinking head on together with a business partner and invested money in creating Nihiwatu, a resort on an island in Indonesia. Visitors appreciated the luxury and voted for the resort in the Travel + Leisure guide.   Check this on  It is a fantastic place and grew into so much more becoming a real island paradise, and Chris Burch is now a very proud business owner.

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He earned his life and encouraged people to go into business if they think they would like to pursue that as a career.

Have a glimpse of  his famous resort on