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Oncortaget Making Bio-Medical Research Findings Available to All

There is enough evidence to support discovery and development of anti-aging interventions, which are safe and can increase human lifespan. The aging interventions are thought to delay or prevent disease onset for many chronic diseases associated with old age. The pathways identified include dietary, behavioral and pharmacologic. However, all of these approaches have not been approved. Scientists believe that nutritional interventions, drugs that inhibit growth hormones, drugs that inhibit the mTOR-S6K pathway and drugs that activate specific sirtuins as the only way to reduce anti-aging in humans. These interventions are believed to be capable of delaying or preventing multiple age-related disorders ultimately extending human lifespan.

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Oncortaget Now Publishing Two Articles Weekly In Reputable Research Websites

Oncortaget, a reputed bio-medical journal, has reassured its readers that it will continue publishing at least two scientific articles on PubMed and other high-profile research websites such as Isi/Web of Science: Science Citation Index Expanded, Biological Abstracts, Scopus, EMBASE and BIOSIS Preview. Oncortaget has collaborated with National Library of Medicine to achieve its goal of becoming the first Biomed research journal to submit full articles to PubMed days after publishing it online. Oncortaget unparalleled reputation has been associated with their collaboration with well-known archives and scientific indexes to make scientific research findings widely and rapidly available to medical researchers, practitioners and the public.

In their quest to fasten the process of disseminating these research findings, Oncortaget is now publishing two articles a week. Page and issue numbers appear on PubMed permanently after they have been assigned. For instance, when volume 8 Issues 31-34 appeared on PubMed, issues 35-36 were being processed by the National Library of Medicine a week later. Today, Oncortaget publishes two peer-reviewed bio-medical journals covering all aspects of oncology. The subsections published go beyond oncology to include immunology, microbiology, chromosomes, pathology, autophagy, and aging. Since 2010, it has published seven volumes and 324 issues. Currently, the high-profile journal is publishing its eighth volume. Every paper published is assigned a direct object identifier (DOI) and uses the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Statement from Oncortaget

The office of external and legal affairs of Oncortaget stated that publishing two articles a week is due to the 21st-century demand for data based bio-medical research findings. He stated that Oncortaget is a journal by scientists for scientists and the general public. He assured their followers that the journal would continue to publish high-quality research findings with the aim of seeing a world without diseases.