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FreedomPop for People that Want Freedom from Cell Phone Bills

People that have smart phones are waking up and getting smart. They are realizing that there are a lot of people that are using free service from FreedomPop, and they do not have worry anymore about the high cell phone bills. This is something that people have been made aware of with the increase in free Wi-Fi spots. Many people that go out realize that most of their favorite spots have free Wi-Fi so paying enormous rates for the cell phone data plans is just absurd. The masses are switching to FreedomPop, and this is proving to be a real life saver for people that have those crazy cell phone bills.

Most people do not really sit down and pay attention to their cell phone bills. In most calls all the fees and charges for data are just too confusing. FreedomPop helps a lot of people avoid this confusion. This is the company that has been able to work wonders in the cell phone department by offering free service to users. This seems too good to be true, but the story has been referenced as newsworthy on websites like USA Today and Forbes.

Consumers are happy with all that they can do with their cell phones today, but they do not work to pay huge cell phone bills to stream music and play Angry Birds. They want a good deal on cell phones, and free cell phone service is music to the ears of all the cell phone users that have phones. They can bring their own devices and get service. There is no need to pay for another expensive phone when you can simply get service with FreedomPop for free.

I have been using FreedomPop service for months, and I have been very pleased by the service that I am receiving. It feels good to have a company that is not trying to raise prices for data that I don’t even use. I only need a little bit of data coverage between home and work. As long as I have this to get through my commute I am fine. I use the company wireless network at work, and I use my own wireless router at home. FreedomPop gives me that bridge between these two places. I think that this is one of the most popular companies because there are so many people that are witnessing this free wireless revolution.

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