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Taking Time For Other People Through Kabbalah

Any relationship can be a tough negotiation. There tends to be a lot of give and take. What if only one party is doing all the giving? What if the other party is only do the taking? This is where you begin to run into issues. This is also where the Kabbalah Centre can help out.

Studying Kabbalah is more than just mastering the idea of “becoming closer to God”. It’s also about how we can all deal with relationships better. Let’s take a look at a lesson that was taught not so long ago at the Kabbalah Centre.


Each relationship is going to be different, even the highest deity and most evolved soul knows this. However, there are certain aspects about a relationship that many of us have kn knowledge of.

It’s not about “what can he or she do for me?” It’s not about “will this person give me what I need?” These thoughts and feelings are revolve around the ego. The idea is to get the ego under control and tame it. Now, the ego is always going to be with us. At a certain point you have to ask yourself something in specific.

“Am i walking the dog? Is the dog walking me?”

Deep relationships involved listening to one another. It’s not just about “oh, you look hot today!” It’s not just about listening to the person, just for the sake of finding a response.

True listening involves actively hearing what the other person has to say. Now, how many of us do this in our relationships? I don’t care what the relationship consists of. The idea is to listen and truly hear what the person is telling you. When you do this you strip the ego of its power. The other aspect is to allow us to be influenced by the other person. Now, there are some people who have some “iffy” qualities. The idea is to look passed this stuff. The idea is to allow the good aspects of each person we have a relationship with to influence us.

There might just be something about ourselves the other person is trying to tell us. There might be something that needs to be fixed within us. If we truly allow the other person to penetrate us, we can afford ourselves the chance to change this broken portion of our souls. This is all part of having a successful relationship with another person, even starting to mastering it.

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