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Academy of Art University

An in-depth look at the Academy of Art University:


The Academy of Art University is a private academy located in San Francisco California. The academy has a long and colorful history which traces back to 1929. Richard Stevens was the original founder of the school. The school is recommended for anyone demonstrating an exceptional talent within the field of art as well as design.


The academy was opened as an art based academy. The academy is family owned and operated. The school was taken over by Richard Stevens daughter in the early 1990’s. As of 2017, the academy had nearly 20,000 students in attendance.


Degrees Offered:


The schools offers Associates, Bachelors as well as Masters degrees. With the age of technology upon us, many of the courses required for a degree at Academy of Art University can be completed on line at the students leisure.


The academy has an excellent reputation and provides an exceptional education for its students. The school has received several accreditation over the years. The academy is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools Art & Design. In addition, the school was recently accredited by the “Council for Interior Design”.


The Bachelor Program was accredited in 2015 by the National Architecture Accrediting Board. It was estimated in 2016 that most students attending the academy finish their degrees within 4-6 years.


The University also owns an automobile museum. The museum contains roughly 200 automobiles from various parts of the world. The automobiles are quite unique and many are rare. In 2015, the automobile museums inventory of automobiles was estimated at well over $50 million dollars. Much of the existing inventory is owned exclusively by the Stevens family. Possibly one of the rarest automobiles contained within the automobile museums collection is the 1933 Pierce Silver Arrow.


The Academy of Art University has an athletic department. Therefore, the school does recognize the importance of sports. The “Urban Knights” is one of the schools most recognized sport teams. The “Urban Knights” is currently ranked within the NCAA division two. The school has an exceptional track and field team.


Finally, the University has a long and successful history. If you feel you have a gift for the arts, you may consider attending the Academy of Art University to further utilize your educational skills and goals.


A Glance At The Chairman Of Capital Group

Timothy D. Armour is currently the chairman of Los Angeles-based Capital Group, one of the leading investment management firms in the world. The board of directors at Capital Group elected Armour as their chairman in 2015 after the demise of the previous Chairman James Rothenberg, who died of a heart attack in 2015. Along with the post of chairman, Armour also fulfills the responsibilities of chief executive officer and principal executive officer in the company.

Capital Group is known to be a leader in the world of investment management and currently serves clients investments, summing up to approximately $1.25 trillion, most of which comes from equity mutual funds. They serve individual investors as well as financial advisers and financial institutions all over the world. As a company with an individual charter, they put their customer’s interest first and strive to give them the best solutions for their financial endeavors.

Along with other members of the firm and the management committee, Timothy plans to take the company forward as it progresses and grows to its full potential. His aim is to maintain Capital Group’s business strategies and increase the effectiveness of all the members within of the company. Armour is also in charge of overseeing all the past, present and future operations of the company.

Timothy Armour has been working with Capital Group since the beginning of his career. He attained a position at Capital by being a participant in The Associates Program. In the early days of his career, Timothy Armour worked as an investment analyst for Capital Group. As part of his job as an analyst, he worked closely with numerous global and United States telecommunication companies. He gradually made his way up the ranks by being promoted to the position of equity investment manager and later, worked as an equity portfolio manager.

Timothy attended university at Middlebury College in Vermont. He studied and attained a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Armour is currently working based on a plan that follows in the footsteps of the previous chairman of the company, which was formalized before the passing of Rothenberg. Capital Group believes in unity and utilizing the resources of every single employee to help with the growth and with the intent of establishing long-term investment relationships with its investors and clients as well. In light of this, Timothy believes in this purpose and is working towards continuing the eighty-four year long legacy of commitment and loyalty towards the advisers and investors they serve.