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Doe Deere and the Kindred Spirit that Inspired Her Brand

Doe Deere has cited Kimberly Gordon as her most important role model. The Lime Crime Fan Base that has climbed to a million Instagram followers may have not any idea who Kimberly Gordon is, but there is certainly a kindred spirit between these two women.


Kimberly Gordon created an off-the-beaten-path clothing line when she started WildFox between 2007 and 2008. It was at this time that Lime Crime would also come into existence. WildFox is clothing line by Gordon, but Doe Deere would focus on cosmetics. She would find that there was a common bond between them that was based on their ability to think outside of the box. Doe Deere was carving out a place in the world for herself just as Kimberly Gordon was with her eccentric clothes. More than a decade later these two female business leaders have continued to rise and prove that their alternative brands were something that would make people see that there was more to life than doing what everyone else was doing. Doe Deere has managed to stick to her guns and stay courageous just like her role model.


There is something about having someone that sees the world the way that you see. This can be inspiring. Doe Deere knew that she was taking a huge leap of faith with a company like Lime Crime, but she continued to press on. There is a level of commitment that people need in order to move companies forward. Doe Deere has shown in many ways that she is just right for the job of CEO at Lime Crime. She has an uncanny fashion sense, and she really knows how to get people pumped up about the cosmetics that she is promoting. This is a gift. It doesn’t take a lot for people to discover her new brands of lipstick shades because she is pushing all of this into the mainstream. There is a level of commitment that few people will be able to process. Everyone doesn’t have the same sense of style that Doe Deere has. It is evident that she is different, and there are tons of people that want to check out what she is doing. Lime Crime is the brand that gets people excited about the off the wall brands. This is not Cover Girl or Mary Kay. This is a completely different brand of cosmetics for millennials.

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Doe Deere: Living The Dream

Following The Dream
When it comes to cosmetics, no one knows color quite like Doe Deere, creator and founder of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a popular brand of makeup known to make a huge statement, as colors featured in the collection are super bright and bold. Doe Deere is a huge inspiration to women everywhere- she took her passion for color and cosmetics and turned into an overnight success. She is proof that passion can find you the career of your dreams.

Meet Doe Deere
Born in Russia, Doe Deere was always entrepreneurial. She always knew that she would find her own success and when she came to America, she wasted no time before coming up with her own formulas for bright and colorful makeup. When Doe noticed that the industry was lacking color, she used her own passion for vivid colors and came up with Lime Crime. While she started out small, her brand was popular in no time thanks to its uniqueness and originality. Doe opened her first store on eBay in 2008 and the rest is history.

A Day In The Life
A typical day for Doe Deere is all about brainstorming and strategy. She is constantly working on new products and ideas for colors she wants to feature in the Lime Crime collection. Doe works hard in the chemistry lab as well- she tests products and approves colors. A day in the life of Doe is exciting, as she is able to really work with her employees to come out with ideal products for loyal fans .

Lime Crime Inspiration
Doe Deere works hard to inspire her fans, and vice versa. The idea of Lime Crime came from a lack of color in the cosmetics industry. Doe wants her fans or “unicorns” to self express. Doe wasn’t concerned with concealing as much as she was expressing individuality when she launched the popular line back in 2008.

About the Brand
Doe Deere has always been adamant about using natural, animal cruelty free cosmetics. That, in itself, is unique among other brands of cosmetics. She prides herself on running a respectable company that treats employees with respect. She is the perfect example of a successful entrepreneur. You can find Doe Deere on social media, where she happily models her brand of wild cosmetics. If you haven’t seen the brand before, you will be excited the moment you lay eyes on the vivid colors. One thing is for sure- Doe is a unique, respected woman who offers beautiful, bold colored cosmetics to the world.

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