Chris Burch: The Philanthropist and Business Mogul

Chris Burch is a very innovative guy when it comes to hotels, resorts, and alternative living spaces. If you are not yet familiar with Burch’s exotic and luxurious hotel destinations, keep on reading. We may have to have a look at his accomplishments in the entrepreneurial path. But first, let us have a clear understanding of who Chris Burch is.  Learn more about him in this article on

Chris Burch is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and the current Chief Executive Officer at Burch Creative Capital. Mr. Burch has been in the industry for over four decades now. During this time, Chris has seen the success of over 50 companies. He has been able to achieve this by sourcing the right experience as well as making the best investment decisions. Due to his career, Chris Burch is an expert in the following fields: apparel, financial services, technology and hospitability among others.  For a view of his diverse investment portfolio, check

You can comfortably say that Mr. Burch is an advertising and marketing mogul. He has the right intuitive skills that keep him updated on the particular consumer’s needs. He then uses this information to discern what the various clients want from any single product. But among his many accomplishments, the last one, the Nihi Sumba exotic restaurant in South East Asia is the talk of the town.  Read and know his insights on things around his area of interest, click this,

The Nihi Sumba restaurant is located in one of the remotest places in Indonesia. Together with hotelier James McBride, they build a luxury joint consisting of twenty-seven villas. Each of these villas blends very well and naturally with the natural features of the habitat. Put simply; the villa is built in such a way to give the visitors an experience that would make them wish to come back.  Be mesmerize by the beauty of this luxury joint, click

Each of these villas is made of natural stone and teak woods. They are then nestled in between forest shrubbery, hilltops, vines and palm trees. The Burch style of construction was more of a shocker to those who could not believe that it could be done. They were all wondering how he will manage to get footfall when his business is in one of the most less-developed areas of the whole country. In all these, the natural environment was to be left untouched.  Related article to read on

The term “Nihiwatu” refers to the “mortar stone.” The name Nihiwatu came from the large and striking formation of rock right at the edges of the beach. While staying at the Nihi Sumba resort, you can take a walk to one of the breathtaking waterfalls in the kings royal compound.

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