Christopher Burch quits the American Express Co. cards

One of the loyal users of the American Express Co. cards is an entrepreneur by the name Christopher Burch. He has been a close user of the company’s service since 1979. Burch had maintained the status quo for such a long time, and everything went on smoothly as expected. There was no point in time that he would complain since he seemed certified with the kind of service he acquired. Things, however, are not the same during this year when he switched about all the spending he was making at the American Express Co to the famous J.P. Morgan Chase and Co.’s Sapphire Reserve card.

Any organization out there would love to retain their previous customers in as much as they work extra hard to have other customers interested in what they offer. The most vital and distinctive thing about Mr. Burch is that in 204, he made it to the list among the wealthiest Americans as published on the Forbes. In fact, it will mean significant losses whenever such a customer leaves, and that was the case with the American Express Co. cards. Bringing back the customers like Mr. Chris Burch is one of the most significant challenges that the incoming AmEx Chairman as well as Chief Executive Stephen Squeri.

On Wednesday, Stephen Squeri took the role of the longtime serving chief Kenneth Chenault. He succeeded to serve as the card giant stresses that was building momentum. It would be a big challenge for Mr. Squeri, but he seemed prepared to take on the challenge that was ahead of him.

Chris Burch doubles as the founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. The firm has an investment philosophy that is precisely expressed to relay Chris’ entrepreneurial values and the vision for prospective markets while applying creativity, imagination, support, scale as well as incubation to lead disruptive brands of businesses.  For an overview of his creative vision and output, check on

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Burch took part in the development of more than fifty companies as an investor and entrepreneur in his early 40 years.  for his new and follow on investments, check on  He has built a long track record by the ability to connect innovative impact through a specific understanding of the consumer behavior.  Read his views on business related matters, hit this useful link.

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