Logan Stout Has Succeeded With IDLife And His Philanthropy Has Resulted In MLB Draft Picks

There are a lot of companies manufacturing products for health and wellness claiming they can help individuals achieve their fitness goals. There is one company that is different and can backup this claim. As the CEO of IDLife, Logan Stout does not manufacture products designed to work for everyone. His products are individually tailored so every client receives the specific nutrition they require. Prior to a client receiving vitamins they take a HIPPA-compliant assessment so the supplement can be created using their body chemistry as a basis. This ensures they receive everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

Logan Stout does not believe in synthetic fillers and refuses to use them in IDLife’s products. The products of IDLife have been created using the recommendations of over 7,500 clinical studies and journals. Their products have 1.3 million combinations allowing everyone to use the correct products for their body. Some vitamin supplements must be taken in the morning, others at night to ensure they are optimally absorbed.

Logan Stout has devoted his knowledge to the success of IDLife and their clients. He studied Business and Psychology at the University of Dallas. He was the successful founder of numerous businesses including the Dallas Patriots, the Premier Baseball Academy, and loganstout.com. Logan Stout became an author when he wrote Stout Advice, and his reviews have been excellent. He has been responsible for a lot of the growth in the field of health and wellness. As his partners, Jen Widerstrom and Troy Aikman have provided invaluable assistance in his career.

Logan Stout is a keynote speaker with the ability to capture and hold an audience. His new company launched in 2014, yet has already been listed as one of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies. Logan Stout has succeeded in business giving him the ability to participate in philanthropy. He supplies kids from six to eighteen with expert mentoring, coaching, and training in baseball through the Dallas Patriots. This has given these kids the opportunity to play baseball in college. Some of them were even chosen for the MLB draft because Logan Stout gave them a chance.

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