Nihiwatu is Chris Burch’s Top Hotel

Nihiwatu was recently awarded the top hotel in the world. This is a big honor for a resort and something Chris Burch never expected when he first created Nihiwatu. He wanted the resort to be successful, but he knew he would have to try different things if he wanted to get it to that point. There have been many different opportunities Chris Burch has had for success with the resort and he has taken the majority of them to the point where he is able to actually help even more people through the offerings he has at the resort. Check for related article.

While Nihiwatu is an exclusive resort, it is not so exclusive that it is completely inaccessible to the younger set. Nihiwatu is a great location for many different budgets which is the way Chris Burch intended it to be when he first opened it up.  Additional article on

Since then, it has grown to include different opportunities that allow people to truly be entertained while they are there. It helps them have a better understanding of all the things they can do while they are staying at the resort. Since Chris Burch knew the right way to try different things, he also knew he would be able to show people all the options they had while they were there.   Read more insights from him, click on

Even though the industry is different from any other industry Chris Burch has been a part of, he has known from the beginning he will be able to make Nihiwatu the best that it can be. He has been successful with all the other things he did in his career so he knows that Nihiwatu will not be any different. The plans he has for the resort are going to make it even better while he is working on different things. It will grow and change to a point where he can make a difference for everyone.

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As things have gotten better for Chris Burch, he has continued to work with his other companies. Tory Burch is still performing and the things he has done with that business are far better than what most people would expect. Since Nihiwatu is of a different type of industry, Chris Burch is going to have to work hard to ensure the company continues to profit while he is doing more with the options he has in the business. It is what has made things better for other people.  For his latest cool offering to the market, hit on

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