The Power of NutriMost

Companies are often in competition, and sometimes go to great lengths to get to the to. Well known weight loss company Nutrimost has launched a lawsuit against their rival Healthy Living, for allegedly stealing their promotional video plot. The suit, which is being handled by the Manhattan Federal Court states that Healthy Living displays a video on their website, that is exactly the same as the promotional video Nutrimost used for their website. The Healthy Living team simply replaced all references to the Nutrimost Diet with “Can’t Lose Diet”, which is also the name of Healthy Livings website. The suit also alleges that the version that Healthy Living edited contained testimonials from NutriMost Clients. You almost have to question the ethics of Healthy Living as well as the authenticity of their program.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Losing weight is not an easy task, and every diet does not work for everyone. Aside from the issue of appearance or self-esteem, maintaining a healthy weight is vital to not only the longevity but also the quality of life. NutriMost is a national fat and weight loss system developed by Ray Wisniewski, D.C., a chiropractor from Murrysville, Pennsylvania. It is known as the Ultimate Fat Loss program, and is designed to help suppress hunger. Nutrimost is the most common choice for busy professionals trying to lose weight, or busy new mothers as it does not require strenuous exercise or activity.With NutriMost, your are guaranteed to lose between 20-45 lbs within 40 days.

Because the makers of NutriMost understand that everyone looses weight differently, each patient is given a customized and unique program to follow. These customized programs art part of what makes NutriMost differ from other weight loss programs.With their revolutionary technology NutriMost takes a close and careful look at each patient, helping them determine and target weight loss goals and ways to reach them. This rapid weight loss program also offers clients assistance on keeping their unwanted weight off. Your weight loss success is important to NutriMost, and you can be certain that your program is right for you.

Hot Changes to Steelers Wardrobe: Susan McGalla’s New Fashion Initiatives

Pittsburgh Steelers fans have a whole new wardrobe to support their team in this football season. Recently, the Steelers official website released a brand new line of clothing and jewelry for fans to purchase in advance of the first home game of the season.

Young female Steelers fans have a lot to look forward to in this new wardrobe line. There was a great emphasis put into providing female fans with plenty of hot pink clothing options. Some other prominent colors in new Steelers wardrobe include neon yellow and gold. See:

But the changes do not just stop at clothing and colors. The Steelers have also made a great deal of partnerships to provide their fans with the very best quality in fashion. Some examples include a partnership with Pandora for Steelers bracelet charms, as well as collaborations with Nike Golf, Victoria’s Secret, and Tommy Bahama.

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The woman behind all of these exciting changes is none other than Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla has a long resume working in marketing and fashion that will certainly help the Steelers achieve great success with this new initiative.

Susan McGalla started out her professional career at Joseph Horne Company in managerial positions from 1986 to 1994. After this, she joined American Eagle Outfitters. Many people may recall that McGalla eventually became the president and CMO for American Eagle.

In terms of her formal education, Susan McGalla got her BA in business from Ohio’s Mount Union College. She is also an Ohio native herself, born and raised in East Liverpool, which, by the way, is only about a one hour drive away from Pittsburgh.

McGalla brings all of her expertise in fashion from American Eagle to her new role as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburg Steelers.

Susan McGalla has made it clear that she wants the ideas for Steelers fashion to come directly from the fans. One strategy she is using to ensure the Steelers clothes meet the expectations of their fans is by bringing in as many focus groups as possible.

CEO Clay Siegall Takes Seattle Genetics into Cancer Cures

The medical community of research technology finally has initiated the monoclonal antibody specific for a particular tumor-related antigen with the man made cytotoxic cell-killing agents. This is connected by linker systems formed to bind the cytotoxic agent to the antibody, then releasing the agent within its targeted cell. This procedure is intended to spare non-targeted cells from being destroyed, which eliminates many toxic effects of traditional chemotherapy yet positively enhancing antitumor activity.

Genetics’ most important near-term milestone is the FDA approval decision in the post-transplant treatment consolidation of Hodgkin Lymphoma patients with high risk for relapse or the progression of the disease. Half of these patients undergoing autologous stem cell transplant are high risk without any therapeutic advances improving the prognosis. Therefore,the strong package submitted to the FDA was exciting to the point of amazing, as the genetics community celebrated the FDA decision regarding the Seattle Genetics supplemental BLA on or before August 18, 2016.

2nd Success in Form of Partnership
Seattle Genetics founder and CEO Clay Siegall announced in a new press release a 25 Million Dollar licensing partnership with Unum as an extension of the company’s 17 year work history in cancer research. Seattle Genetics’ theory for “Unum’s innovative technology proposal is development of universal, antibody-directed immunotherapy of cells. This is different from previously engineered approaches regarding T-cells, and should have applicability through cancer targets across the board. This is considered a collaboration between two of the most promising companies in cellular immunotherapy, and the purpose is to develop new treatment options for those cancer patients who have endured unmet medical needs.

The consolidated companies will initially develop two products incorporating Seattle Genetics’ antibodies. Seattle Genetics also has the scientific option to expand the partnership collaboration to include a third product. The companies will split profits 50/50 on co-developed drugs in the U.S. and Seattle Genetics also will keep exclusive commercial rights outside of the United States, with payment to Unum of agreed upon high royalties.

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Benefits Of Using WEN By Chaz

The internet and TV channels are filled with infomercials on cleaning conditioners. These ads leave one wondering which brand satisfies the user’s utility. Instead of wasting money and time, trying all of them out, this article has already simplified the process. WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner have many benefits to the users.

Thin, dull and greasy hair is annoying. Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner has been made to solve all these problems. The product is made from a number of thoroughly studied raw materials to ensure that it has the powers of a conditioner, shampoo and styling products. When used appropriately, it gives one’s hair moisture, shine and bounce besides turning thin hair into luscious strands.

Unlike traditional cleansing conditioners, one needs to use higher quantities of these Sephora marketed products for every session. 10-16 pumps of WEN Cleansing Conditioner are required for short hair; hair of medium length necessitates 16-24 pumps while 24-32 pumps would be sufficient for long hair. Excellent results are only attainable when the product is used in the quantities recommended on the labels.

The product is fast acting, and its effects can be seen right after the first session of using it. These effects can be seen in the form of shiny and bouncy hair, especially after the hair has been blow-dried. To use the product, one must first pump the recommended quantities into his or her hands. The product is then consistently spread across the hair. There is also the need to massage into the scalp and leaving it to soak in before washing. For better results, there is need to use WEN Cleansing Conditioners in a regular manner. This information was originally mentioned on Bustle as explained in this link

About WEN by Chaz

WEN by Chaz is a hair care line, which is known for producing products that give hair more body, bounce, and shine. The product eliminates the need to have bottles of shampoo, conditioner and styling product. It replaces them with one bottle capable of doing all the three functions effectively. Guthy-Renker owns the WEN by Chaz brand. For more info, visit


James Dondero Appoints Linda Owen to Expand His Firm’s Philanthropy Department

James Dondero, co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., has partnered with Linda Owens on a new charity venture. Owens will be helping Dondero expand Highland Capital Management’s charity giving program. Owens is a respected Dallas civic leader and a former president of the Woodall Rogers Park Foundation.

This news comes about because of a need to work with an experienced and dedicated person in the philanthropy field. Owens has many years of experience creating partnerships with several charities in the Dallas area. Her experience and expertise, combined with her passion to make a notable difference in the local community, will be invaluable. She will assume this role by serving as Highland Capital Management’s charitable giving manager.

Highland Capital Management already donates $3 million dollars annually to causes such as the Dallas Zoo, Uplift Education, and Snowball Express. Highland Capital Management’s commitment to helping non-profit organizations reach their goals and potential is very inspiring. Adding Owens to this committee will only help to create more innovative ways that that firm can continue to give back to the local community.

Highland Capital Management, L.P., was founded in 1993 by James Dondero. Dondero, along with his co-founder, Mark Okada, have both been co-presidents for the firm. Dondero has extensive experience in hedge funds, separate accounts, and distressed and special situations private equity. Dondero is on the Board of Directors for companies such as the American Banknote Corporation, NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. Dondero has more than thirty years of experience in the credit industry.

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Keith Mann Has Partnered Up To Provide Scholarships To Young Entrepreneurs

Kieth Mann understands the difficulty in paying for school, especially for young entrepreneurs. This is what inspired him to start the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for students, in order to give those with the desire and potential for success a chance in the business world. One student will be awarded with the scholarship at the end of their senior year annually. This is largely because Keith Mann knows just how difficult and risky it is for someone to start a business on there own without any backing. In most cases, the largest factor for starting a business is just the requirement of money, which usually ends up being a lot. Uncommon schools and Kieth have partnered up to provide this scholarship to all those who qualify.

As an entrepreneur himself, Keith wants to offer student that are less fortunate a chance at a better opportunity. Low-income can be quite the challenge for students to get a quality education, and this scholarship will help many students earn there degrees and attend college. In order to get his own company, Dynamic Search Partners, up an running, Keith had to take many risks as well.

Today, Keith is considered a veteran in the industry, with more than 15 years of experience under his belt. His own company was created for alternative investments, and he has a lot of expertise to offer in the area of hedge funds. Alternative investments are similar to being an entrepreneur, in which people are looking for something to put there money into with the hope of making a profit afterwards. Thought it can be risky and difficult, the rewards of being an entrepreneur greatly outweigh those of a normal job. With this scholarship program, Keith is just starting with his plans of helping out aspiring students and entrepreneurs.

The Best in Staffing: Diversant LLC

Staffing is an important and necessary part of getting industrious, earnest, hardworking people into your company, thereby helping the employees and the company grow and prosper. Companies do not have the time nor the personnel to vet new employees. Businesses benefit from staffing agencies because they handle payroll, taxes and other weighty functions businesses face. On the other hand, temporary employees benefit from possible long-term or permanent jobs with the assigned company and the chance to use their skills with different companies. Staffing services meet the needs on both sides of the employment spectrum.

Diversant LLC presents staffing options to Fortune 500 and intermediate companies. “The company offers a range of IT staffing services, including IT staff augmentation, contingent, temporary, and direct hire solutions for various contracts and permanent positions; user experience design services; and diversity initiatives, such as veterans programs and minority business enterprise programs.” Additionally, it affords those looking for a job it affords potential employees jobs ranging from “creative designers, IT auditors, project managers and other technological positions.

John Goullet a prime participant of Diversant, LLC serves as Chairman of this highly recognized company. His knowledge as past founder and Chief Executive Officer in 1994 of Info Technologies, Inc. is a secure foundation on which he helps run Diversant LLC. Goullet attended Ursinus College in May 1983 and graduated with the full confidence that he could accomplish anything. After college, he worked in various capacities. He provided creative leadership during his 2 years at Computer Sciences Corp. Next, John worked for the Constell Group for three years. For 3 years he provided knowledge and his skills to 3D Information Services. In 1986 and 1987, Mr. Goullet worked at Tsr Consultants, Island, NJ. In 1990 he joined Cap Gemini America, Edison, NJ. and contributed his useful knowledge and understanding of business until he left in 1994. Each position allows him to contribute to Diversant’s popularity and growth.

Staffing for your firm does not have to disrupt your normal work days. A company like Diversant takes the stress off of searching for the most qualified employees for your company.

More Than a Million Maker – Eric Pulier

Some people believe that successful entrepreneurs are about making money for themselves and other people of the same status. This assumption is false. Eric Pulier is a perfect example of how a more than successful man can spin his millions to benefit millions. Not only is Pulier a successful entrepreneur but also an author as he assists others in finding a path to success. But that road not only includes him as he gives to so many that are less fortunate.

Eric Pulier’s need to give as he receives speaks to his heart’s intentions rather than his pocket. Early in his career, he focused energy and time in teaching those with Multiple Sclerosis about their disease by developing complex computer systems for communication that the ill-stricken can use, today.

US Doctors for Africa have not only honored Eric Pulier, but they also continue to benefit from his philanthropic calling. He has never waned in his giving of aid in both technical innovation and change in the specifically medical field. With a partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, those that cannot reach into the world are given the opportunity and in doing so, many lives have been saved that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

The list of Pulier’s extraordinary need to give continues from his pockets to his technologies, from children to adults, and from earth to space. He funds projects to continue exploration beyond merely our humanity as he uses his mind and fortune to pursue the tradition of searching the galaxy while remaining rooted on Earth as an active board member for the Painted Turtle. This summer camp is for children who suffer from terminal or chronic illnesses so that they feel at home and together rather than separate from society.

Author, business person, and full-hearted, Eric Pulier is a man for all to look up to, not only those that create. If everyone had a little of Pulier’s drive to look past himself, the world would be a better, healthier place for all to live and our galaxy a place to explore without agendas or political gain.

The Career of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright was proud to report that the RPS Solutions LLC had succeeded in their plans for providing affordable housing, in addition to another full time homeowner that had joined into the Baltimore community. Seawright founded his company on a simple vision that he wanted to help provide affordable housing, as well as strengthen the community in Baltimore. Seawright’s company has been working in order to facilitate an achievement of individuals who are owning a home. In his hope to increase home ownership through a possibility, with many economic benefits. RPS Solutions has helped with homebuyers seeking to be connected by mortgage leaders, this including managing assets, individuals, offering custom renovations in underdeveloped housing units that exist within the area, and is accompanying the construction in the new properties. New homeowners have joined in the community that have joined the community as it is on a mission of reaching out to the overall goal in raising the cities home-owner rates. In 2015, the RPS Solutions became a joint partnership venture. RPS Solutions has made it their goal to grow in the number of homeowners with Baltimore, as well as the surrounding counties in exceeding or matching the amount of the homeowners in the whole state.

Some of Kevin Seawright‘s endeavors have included over 13 years in the Executive-level of financing, as well as capital operational management and human resources. Currently Kevin is responsible for nearly 600 million dollars with the capital construction of the educational project. He was also responsible for over 400 million in the federal, state, capital, city and bond and private funds throughout his career. While he already is an MBA, CrunchBase reports Kevin has attended Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business in order to get his degree in Executive Leadership. He has been a member of associations such as the National Forum for Black Public Administrators or American Society for Public Administration.

Since the start of his career, Kevin Seawright has continued working as a project manager and accountant based out of Baltimore, Maryland. In addition, he has worked within the fields of education, local government, and real estate development in both Washington, DC as well as Baltimore, MD. Kevin has received numerous rewards for his financial responsiveness, outstanding service, thinking outside of the proverbial box, and professionalism. His personality is to approach all situations with both maturity and honesty when a new challenge presents itself. Also, throughout his career he has presented a blend of team inclusion, outcome efficiency, a blend of business acumen, and governmental and private sector financial operations.  Check him on on SoundCloud if you want to see the musical side of Seawright.

Sam Tabar is One Powerful Attorney

Sam Tabar is a powerful attorney who currently resides in New York City. He graduated with honors from Oxford University and continued his education at Columbia Law School. While at Columbia, he served as Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. Sam began his career working at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP as an Associate. He later changed his career path and moved on to capital strategy instead. He worked as Director and Head of Capital Strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Later in his career, he returned to the legal field as an attorney as a Senior Associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. While there, Sam was in charge of fund information, compliance issues, and hedge funds.

While working at Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors, he was promoted to Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. He came up with a strategic marketing plan for this firm, which resulted in over 2,000 qualified investors. records he also helped to raise over $1 billion in assets while working with the firm’s Founding Partners and CEO on business development matters. He is also fluent in Japanese, which helps him deal with business related issues overseas. Sam will stop at nothing when it comes to his career as he believes he can make a positive change at every firm he has joined. He is not going to stand by and hope that someone else will take care of it instead. He is the type of person who will go out there and get the job done by himself. Sam fights for what he believes in, which makes him a person you can trust and stand behind.

Sam Tabar did not get to where he is today without a lot of hard work and dedication. He accomplished a lot in his career by being persistent and knowledgeable. He did not just stand to the sidelines, but rather took the bull by the horn and made something of himself. He works with his clients to make sure they understand everything they need to know about compliance issues and hedge funds. He wants to see his clients succeed in their businesses and wants their businesses to flourish. Sam only wants the very best for his clients, so he will provide all the information and the advice they need in order to succeed in life. When he is not busy at work, he enjoys traveling and hosting events.  Now in 2015, Sam is the COO of FullCycle Fund.