Where Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Surpassing Amazon

Amazon is the clear front-runner when it comes to the fashion e-commerce market. Despite this being a very competitive market, Amazon is keeping all the other thousand competitors at bay because they are raking in 20 percent of the sales in this apparel industry. The nearest competitor might come as a surprise to some, but sales numbers don’t lie. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has broken away from the pack and is making $250 million in sales of women’s active-wear in a little over three years time.


This athleisure brand is growing in popularity because of a combination of reverse showrooming and membership benefits. Hudson says that in order for you to see how the company has been growing in popularity, you need begin your quest at the Fabletics stores in the mall. Looking at how things happen in the retail store, we find women browsing the racks for all the latest in active-wear, women trying on all the clothing, and women taking the lifestyle quiz. The sales team at Fabletics is not pressuring these women to buy because they know that the second part of this sales process is doing all the heavy lifting for them.


In order to dominate in this fashion e-commerce market, you have to do more than create an appealing retail shopping experience. When shoppers are trying on a ll the clothing at the retail store, each item is then uploaded to their membership account, allowing them to basically pick up and continue shopping right where they stopped. Now since the sizing has already been addressed in the mall, once these women visit the online store, they are free to start adding as many pieces of workout apparel as they like without worry.


That seems to be the driving force behind all those sales for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Add into the mix other membership perks like free online shipping, discounts of all workout clothing, and the help of a shopping assistant. and you can see why this company is exploding on the scene. Amazon is offering their members a discount on shipping if the pay the Prime membership fee each year. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is all about rewarding shoppers early and often so that they go from being a shopper to a loyal customer. If Amazon is not making changes to their selling structure, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics will certainly surpass them in sales in this niche very soon.