Why Chris Burch Ventured in The Hospitality Industry

Chris Burch is well known for starting various famous international brands. In the recent past, Chris has had a soft spot in the hospitality industry. He has decided to invest in this lucrative venture. In 2012, Chris in consultation with James McBride bought a new beach hotel on a remote island, Indonesia. The entire renovation took over $30 million for the whole resort. After the repair process of the 5-star hotel was complete, they named it Nihiwatu. In the year 2015, the hotel was open to the members of the public. Since then, the hotel has earned awards as the best resort in the world.  Related article on wingsjournal.com.

Chris Burch argues that the driving motivation behind this transaction and investment was his children. He wanted to live something huge for them, and he saw investing in a beach hotel as the best option. He also wanted to give back the investment to the indigenous community by building something that can earn employment to them. He sees the overall investment as a palette that enables different people to enjoy the services that are not available in other resort hotels.

Unlike other investments, Chris feels that this one has gone way beyond what he expected; in typical instances, the investment goes below your expectations. Having invested in other hotels in Hampton and Miami, and now Nihiwatu, Chris has to divide his time to provide guidance and management to all. In total, the hotel has 27 villas. The villa includes Raja Mendaka, which is Chris’s private residence. The residence has four more villas. Each of these villas has a plunge pool.  More to read on businessinsider.com.

The investment is located in Sumba, Indonesia. Sumba is the last community of Christian Animist population in the world. These are individuals who believe in the spiritual existence of both plants and animals. Sumba is geographically isolated by being an island. It also suffers from an acute shortage of rainfall making tilling of land unpredictable and unprofitable too. These two features have made Sumba be one of the poorest location in the entire Indonesia.  Check this must-read interview of him on interview.net

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One of the observation that Chris made, which influenced his decision to establish an investment here is how the people of this remote place looked. He saw people in a terrible state economically. However, with all this, they wore beautiful smiles on their faces and were always jovial. He also saw the great and aesthetic features of the area when on a hiking mission. He then decided, why not make an investment that will have an impact on the lives of these people?   For his recent timeline activities, hop over to crunchbase.com.

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